Nov 272010

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14 Kt, winner of the 2010 National Red Bull Big Tune finals, gives us “Damm U.” A mixtape featuring some if not all of the beats he used to make his way up to the top.

1. Adrenaline (Jozeemo)
2. SledgeHammer (Invincible)
3. Swagger Jackson’s Revenge (Jay Electronica)
4. Goin’ Nowhere (Buff1)
5. Rockabye Baby (Marv1)
6. OH! (Illite)
7. Honey 14KT Remix Instr. (Erykah Badu)
8. The Answer (NowOn)
9. Cry Now 14KT Remix Instr. (Obie Trice)
10. I’m Sayin’ 14KT Remix (NowOn)
11. BlackKat (14KT)
12. Much Better (Buff1)
13. Diamonds [Hands 2 the Sky 14KT remix] (Kanye West)
14. The Sky (Buff1)
15. DANCE 14KT Remix Instr. (Danny Brown)
16. Marvin Flip (14KT)
17. Around (14KT)
18. They Say [Jon B Flip] (14KT)
19. DAMN! (14KT)

Nov 222010

This is a video I created for J-Steelz to promote his new album “Business Man With A Street Swag” set to drop April of 2011. In this episode we take a look some of his cars, see what he’s been up to, check out some Marcus D beats along with an (on the spot) freestyle, and we sit down for a quick interview.

Music Provided By: J-Steelz & Young Jeezy

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