Aug 192009

While my BIG cousin (Kuddie Fresh) was in town he schooled me on Reason 4. As all y’all know Reasons is one of the most popular ways to produce music these days. I’ve had Reasons on my Mac for about a year now and haven’t touched it. Kuddie uses it, DJ Khalil, even the homie Tryfe and probably everyone else… I needed to be schooled you know. Sheesh! Anyways… I put this short clip together to show y’all what went down that day. Hope you like!

Aug 172009

The homie Marcus D put me on to this. It’s a MC/Beat Battle and a performance from Quarter After. Click the link and you can hear some of his music. The set up is, Marcus D and I will be judging along with the crowd as the final judge, similar to The Soundwaves Beat Battle. Get it there and support young talent!

Aug 052009


I don’t have all the battle footage I would have liked to have, due to lack of preparation. The battery depleted during the battle on the HD camera. Luckily I brought my hand held to get some footage of Quik and Battle.

As you know Marcus D and I were the Runner-Up and Winner of this years BIG Tune held in Seattle. The funny thing is that in The Soundwaves Beat Battle I beat Marcus D in the finals.

And now he’s come back with a vengeance!! Another interesting fact is that we predicted being the final two at the BIG Tune.

The Seattle Red Bull BIG Tune 2009 was outrageously dopeified! This was my first time attending the BIG Tune. Once again we couldn’t get in. We were constantly escorted in and out of the club for each round. We held it down when we got in though. The three youngest dudes in the battle ended up in the top 4. Marcus D, KDCutz and Trox. Yet another great experience to add to my memory log. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to witness the whole DJ Quik and DJ Battle Cat performance, but I’m grateful for what I did get to see. They tore up the stage! I felt real confident going after them especially in the same spot as Battle. My all time favorite producer. The night was full of divinity!

Video Highlights: Marcus D – “It’s the year of the youngin’.”

DJ Quik – “We are mortal, but we don’t have to be in combat all the time. It’s not mortal kombat it’s mortal love bat.”

Deleted Highlight: DV One – “Sometimes it’s not about the best producer, but it’s about who plays the game the best.”

ATL here I come!

Aug 032009

I know this is too much to read. I just felt it was appropriate to put it on the page.


Top Two Seattle Qualifiers will move on to National Championship in Atlanta
Seattle, WA (August 1, 2009) — As temperatures soared on Friday night, the Pacific Northwest’s
heat wave only got hotter as 12 of the best producers in Seattle went head-to-head at Red Bull Big
Tune.  With more than 650 hip-hop fans in attendance at The War Room and a line around the
block, the pounding bass kept heads nodding and made the balmy night bearable.  Each of the 12
producers brought their own unique sound to the stage, but the night belonged to the youth, with
both first and second place going to producers under the age of twenty-one.  Marcus D was
crowned the Seattle winner, narrowly besting KDCutz, who took second place.  Both top two
producers will advance to the Red Bull Big Tune National Championship in Atlanta in October,

The Seattle event marked the fourth stop in a series of eight regional beat competitions designed to
find the most talented up-and-coming U.S. producer with the next “big tune.”  Modeled after
Jamaican sound clashes, Red Bull Big Tune distinguishes itself from other beat battles by being a
full-fledged producer program that both provides a platform for emerging talent and works to
educate and inspire the next generation of music makers.  Upcoming regional battles include events
in Long Beach, Detroit, Houston and Minneapolis.

“Before the event began, KDCutz and I decided we were going to be the last two standing, and it
turned out we were,” said Marcus D.  “There were a lot of great beats played tonight, but the crowd
was with me.  I’m so happy to have this opportunity and I’m excited to head to Atlanta!”

During a break in the beat battle, West Coast hip-hop legends BattleCat and DJ Quik took the stage
to give a lesson on the evolution of hip-hop.  Both dug deep into their discography, treating fans to
some well-known older cuts and also introducing them to new original material.  The crowd was in
sheer awe at seeing the two legends taking turns playing tracks and reminiscing about the
inspiration for creating them.

The winner of the Red Bull Big Tune National Championship receives an opportunity to
collaborate with a recording artist of his/her choice in the prestigious Red Bull Studios in Santa
Monica, Calif.  Last year’s Red Bull Big Tune winner opted to work with rapper Nas.  Other artists
available for collaboration included Young Buck, Redman and Talib Kweli.

Big Tune began in 2004 as the brainchild of DJ/producer/emcee—Vitamin D and hip hop visionary/
event producer Jonathan Moore – with the purpose of bringing emerging and established talent to
the forefront.  After three years of hosting thriving local battles in Seattle, they forged a creative
partnership with Red Bull and the event evolved into a dynamic national producer program.

Red Bull Big Tune made its national television debut on the BET Network last spring with a half-
hour show chronicling the 2008 national finals in New York City.  All-star acts such as Digable,
Planets, Ghostface Killah, Alchemist and Sha Money made cameos.
Visit to learn more and to find out who will earn the title of Red Bull Big
Tune National Champion in October.  For press inquiries please contact: Scott Houston at (310- 740-7099).


Aug 022009

I woke up today and stumbled upon this.

Seattle winner of Red Bull Big Tune hiphop beat battle: Marcus D and KD Cutz

Posted by Andrew Matson

Marcus D was the winner (Photo: Jim Bates)

KDCutz was the runner-up (Photo: Jim Bates)

Big Tune went down last night at the War Room, and Marcus D and KDCutz are going to Atlanta for the finals.

Check KD Cutz’ blog, where he’s already vlogged about being runner-up. I don’t know anything about him, but think he’s related to Kuddie Fresh, who I’m told won the first Big Tune back in the day. It’s a legacy.

Marcus D is 19, and the first beat he played last night was positively monstrous. Any great rapper would love to have rapped on it. Any mediocre rapper would have been dead scared. I could tell right away he would win.

You can check out the official article right here.

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