Jun 232009

The most anticipated movie of the year by far. Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen! Before they ever made a transformers movie I was on the show. I always wondered why they never made a Transformers, yet they didn’t hesitate to make all these Marvel movies. The first Transformers was exactly how I imagined it, but way better! The graphics, sound effects, storyline, introduction… Everything! No complaints!! So now that number two is coming out you know “I’m on it!” Thanks to one of the few close friends I have. I get to see Transformers 2 (which is sold out) on IMAX. I can’t wait!! I will be watching it in approximately in 12 hours. I’m also going to buy the Transformers Soundtrack which is sounding as good as the movie.

So… After I posted this blog. I ended up going to the website myself and listening to a little preview of the soundtrack. Next thing you know I found myself sampling “Einsteins Wrong” #2 on the soundtrack. Since my camera is currently out of commission, I did not make a video. But, I decided to make a free download, since Transformers is so popular it should travel. Maybe somebody will do a remix I don’t know, but I do know this beat is Dicriculous!

Free Download: KDCutz – Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Jun 172009

This Friday, June 19th, 2009.

Realtor, Developer and Philanthropist Thach Nguyen is throwing a Moda Open House and Roof Top Party. It’s going to be live!! There will be appetizers and complimentary courvoisier. Also LRG will be showing a preview of their fall and summer fashion line. They’re even bringing their own DJ Risk One (whom I’ve just heard of.) He’s actually really dope!! Common Sence Studios is all over this event, I (DJ KDCutz) will be spinning from 5-7 and DJ Risk One from 7-9 and of course we will bring that quality sound! “The goal of this event is not only to promote individual businesses but bring residents, potential residents, and business owners together to get to know each other and to create a sense of community in the Belltown area. Throw on your best fit, Get your business cards ready, Network, Drink (A little), Dance and Party hardy!! I’ve already got word that there has been over 500 RSVP’s for the event all ready!

Be expecting more Thach Nguyen related post on the page. He is a very wise and is doing BIG things in the town. (I always saw him driving his Rolls Royce on 4’s in the neighborhood. Now I have the privilege of working with him.) Check out his blog for free game/wisdom. He talks about The Secret, The Power of Intention and a lot more methods concerning how he became successful. He even includes an enlightening life story. Very inspirational!!


Jun 122009

As you all know Choklates album To Whom It May Concern has released worldwide. It has just recently hit iTunes also, so go cop it! It’s a great addition to your CD collection. When it first came out, I had trouble finding it. Best Buy was a no go, Target tested negatory… even FYE! So, I pretty much searched all of Seattle looking for the album. First off because It’s THAT GOOD, Secondly, I produced the intro and Third, It’s my Aunties gosh darn Sophomore album dude!! It was a fun experience and to top it off the “Sun was out for me that day!!” I mean beaming!!! And you know what that means females half nude and some more sh_t. It was just beautiful! When I copped the disc the first song after my intro was/is… “Suns Out!” Which perfectly described my day! I had to make something from it… Just had to! Vita killed the production on that track and Chok… Man o Man! I can’t get this song stuck out my head. “Pull it back now, Get it up and push it forward”. I uber love that part!! I even had the nerve to start rappin’ on the outro with the instrumental knockin’! Sorry you won’t get footage of that though…

(Okay KD cut to the chase). I sampled “Suns Out” and KDCutz-ified it… Check it out!! Spread the love too!!! I think it can get 500 views in a week!!!! How about you?

Jun 102009

I’m kinda late, but better late than never…

On May 19th. Choklate (My Auntie)s sophomore album released world wide!! The album is titled To Whom It May Concern and I beleive it concerns all lovers of good music. This album is a guaranteed (play through) CD. Every song is great and brings a creative sound to the music arena. (And I’m HONESTLY not just saying that because she’s my Aunt). The album features production from yours truly KDCutz also Vitamin D, Jake One and GMK.

1. Time Tells [intro] – Produced By: KDCutz

If you ain’t heard of Choklate get hip.. Her music is indescribable… But, If I had to try real hard it’s R&B, Soulful, Indie, Bomb.com and just feels good. Go cop the album and hear for yourself!! (I’m sure you can describe it better then me). You can find it at these retailers… Amazon.com |Target.com |FYE.com | Bestbuy.com |Borders.com |Dustygroove.com |CDuniverse.com

Also stayed tuned this Friday I will be posting a Suns Out [transmix] I was inspired to make! Who knows y’all may end up hearing a Choklate/KDCutz collaboration…

Jun 052009

Ever since the battle I’ve been trying to stay real busy. Making new beats daily and creating a buzz with this website.

Last Saturday May 30th.

Rich The Factor came to the studio to cop some beats and lay down some new work. Definitely a good look! Usually when established artist come through I don’t even bother showing my face. Now since I have a website it’s good material to use and since I’m going to be established myself, Some day soon… Overall it was another good experience and a barrier that was broken. I had this little issue with “groupie-ism”. (You know those folk that first they do is grab a camera when they see somebody semi famous). But, My pops set it straight and let me know “It’s your beat and your website no one else is going to do it”. So I had to step up to the plate. I went in and got a little bit of footage of them working on my tracks.

My favorite moment by far: Is when Rich says KDSlaps!! Lol. I was thinking “ummm… no, but yeah”… It’s all bacon though. The songs they did go hard! I have no information on what album they will be used for. I’ll make sure to keep all of you posted…

Jun 012009

Okay, I put something together with the footage I have from the Beat Battle. My first might I add… So don’t make fun of my Nervousness on the first beat. My camera dies after my first battle. But, They had a professional camera guy there also. Joey T tells me that footage will be available soon.. Hopefully! In the meantime… Check out what I put together!

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